EknoTech is committed to providing you with an array of highly skilled and professional design-based solutions that will take both your offline and your online presence, your marketability and your reputation to the next highest level. Our teams can design and develop a brand new website, or redesign and redevelop an existing website, taking into account the following factors: It should attract heavy traffic Content is king Uses the latest relevant technologies and designs Exceptional, distinctive and graphically attractive design and layout Ease and rapidity of inter-screen and intra-screen viewer mobility Authenticity User friendly Ensures accuracy Overall consistency Clean functionalities… More Details
E-Commerce Solutions We at EknoTech have gained very extensive, advanced, up-to-date, and relevant experiences in working intensively to design, develop, redesign and operate e-Commerce portals. Our highly specialized and widely recognized, acknowledged and admired e-Commerce Best Practices team helps our clients to conduct their business very effectively online. We are among the most widely recognized web development companies which are engaged in the delivery of e-Commerce services to clients located worldwide. Our highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals provide user friendly e-Commerce portals to our clients. Our clientele comprise all types of enterprises, ranging from small businesses to global companies.… More Details
EknoTech provides an entire package of Help Desk and 24/7 Regular/Routine Technical Support Services, including Server Monitoring and Management, Network Monitoring and Management, Help Desk, and Security Services. EknoTech professionals have the technical and the interpersonal knowledge, skills and experience to answer customer questions accurately, quickly, and courteously, and to resolve hardware, software and procedural operating issues promptly and permanently. Real or emerging policy issues are rapidly brought to client management attention for resolution. Urgent IT Assistance While providing every day, 24/7 regular and routine support, EknoTech is also an "urgent IT assistance" company that specializes in providing fast, reliable,… More Details
An effective, working IT infrastructure is the foundation on which most organization's smooth business and functioning depends! If there are serious flaws or weaknesses in that foundation, then very serious consequences can, and usually do, follow. It is like a house that has been built on quicksand, or an earthquake fault, that is always in danger of collapsing. We are highly experienced at pinpointing where IT infrastructure faults and flaws are, and how to r them. Just give us our marching orders, and we will then put our highly experienced team to work to bring your structure back up to… More Details
While we maintain a permanent core team of dedicated professional experts in-house who are skilled in designing, engineering and supporting operational IT solutions, we recognize that from time to time every organization needs advice and assistance in hiring their own IT staff, and in finding and utilizing consultants on an as-needed, ad hoc, temporary basis. Therefore, one of our lines of business is to offer and provide to our clients such IT consulting and staffing advice and assistance. EknoTech is specialized in searching for, finding, interviewing, evaluating, and vetting both permanent and temporary expert IT personnel resources for our clients.… More Details
EknoTech offers comprehensive training through classroom and online training courses based on client needs, type of training, and other considerations. We continuously upgrade and enhance our training offerings based on current industry practice. As a result, our training opportunities have been proven to sharpen client trainees’ capabilities so as to permit those to not only better help their employers, but to also allow them to advance and become more successful in their chosen fields. Training modules are often developed in a workshop format and bring individuals together to learn from each other and practice what they’ve learned in the context… More Details