EknoTech provides an entire package of Help Desk and 24/7 Regular/Routine Technical Support Services, including Server Monitoring and Management, Network Monitoring and Management, Help Desk, and Security Services. EknoTech professionals have the technical and the interpersonal knowledge, skills and experience to answer customer questions accurately, quickly, and courteously, and to resolve hardware, software and procedural operating issues promptly and permanently. Real or emerging policy issues are rapidly brought to client management attention for resolution.

Urgent IT Assistance

While providing every day, 24/7 regular and routine support, EknoTech is also an “urgent IT assistance” company that specializes in providing fast, reliable, and expert help to clients who require very quick resolution to serious existing or emerging IT problems. Fast-developing situations that are in danger of reaching crisis proportions unless they are very, very, quickly nipped in the bud, are coped with on an emergency, real time basis by our staff.

EknoTech responds 24/7 to such emergency situations by sending expert help quickly to client sites to provide needed help. Already existing, or fast-developing situations, may have already caused serious problems for both client operating staff, for customers and for potential customers. Otherwise, there is a strong likelihood that such problems can cause ruinous, harmful, or even catastrophic and irreversible results and consequences.