While we maintain a permanent core team of dedicated professional experts in-house who are skilled in designing, engineering and supporting operational IT solutions, we recognize that from time to time every organization needs advice and assistance in hiring their own IT staff, and in finding and utilizing consultants on an as-needed, ad hoc, temporary basis. Therefore, one of our lines of business is to offer and provide to our clients such IT consulting and staffing advice and assistance.

EknoTech is specialized in searching for, finding, interviewing, evaluating, and vetting both permanent and temporary expert IT personnel resources for our clients. We offer consulting services to companies of all sizes and natures, and across all sectors of industry. We strive to achieve the right people for the right job, delivered at the right time and at the right place, for our clients, at reasonable cost.
Our ultimate objective in this regard is to help our clients to be successful by leveraging our deep knowledge of the IT industry, its leading experts in each sector, the industry’s Best Practices, and a keen understanding of necessary human and technical skills and qualities. We have been very successful in identifying, and then attracting, a large number of highly talented IT professionals and subject matter specialists, from both within the US and across the globe, to assist our clients. EknoTech always maintains a readily available, on call pool of highly trained, specialized IT expert consultants whom it can bring to bear on problems for clients in the following categories:

  • Java Developer
  • MS SharePoint
  • Net Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Business Object and other programming
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Informatics Developer
  • Systems and Network Administrator
  • Windows/Linux Engineer
  • Help Desk/IT Support

Contract Staffing
We want our clients to feel as risk-free as we do, therefore we are experienced at finding contract staff willing to work on a part-time or full time basis on both short and long term projects. Sometimes these kinds of contracts are better than permanent staff because they save the time and the extensive cost involved in extensive training, benefit programs, etc.

Permanent Placement
In contrast to the preceding option, there are other times when hiring permanent staff is the best option. We therefore track and stay in contact with a large pool of consultants and potential permanent staff personnel who are on call and can quickly respond to the clients call for new or replacement employees or managers, including specialists of all kinds.
By offering Permanent Placement as a solution, we can reduce the time and cost involved in searching for, interviewing, hiring, placing, etc., of new hires. And the cost of employing temporary and part-time staff instead of permanent full-time personnel.