An effective, working IT infrastructure is the foundation on which most organization’s smooth business and functioning depends! If there are serious flaws or weaknesses in that foundation, then very serious consequences can, and usually do, follow. It is like a house that has been built on quicksand, or an earthquake fault, that is always in danger of collapsing.

We are highly experienced at pinpointing where IT infrastructure faults and flaws are, and how to r them. Just give us our marching orders, and we will then put our highly experienced team to work to bring your structure back up to the level you require and need. We have had experience doing this kind of foundation repair work in many industries and sectors.

Here in a nutshell are the key considerations that go into our IT infrastructure Management strategy:

  1. IT infrastructure is one of the most critical elements of any organization’s operations
  2. We have learned to start with the core elements and then build outwards, not the reverse
  3. We have learned that an effective central data center is a strategic element of all IT infrastructures
  4. Design, development, installation and continuing support for LAN/WAN networks
  5. Selection of the best server to meet your business needs
  6. Selection of the best Network infrastructure
  7. Website and portal management
  8. Selection of the best Application software to meet your needs
  9. Virus and malware protection measures
  10. Both voice and data solutions
  11. Backup and recovery assistance
  12. Both onsite and remote technical support and services
  13. Hardware and software procurement
  14. Technology, system and network upgrades and enhancements
  15. Alert security, safety and firewall protection measures
  16. Standardization/Documentation