EknoTech is committed to providing you with an array of highly skilled and professional design-based solutions that will take both your offline and your online presence, your marketability and your reputation to the next highest level.
Our teams can design and develop a brand new website, or redesign and redevelop an existing website, taking into account the following factors:

  1. It should attract heavy traffic
  2. Content is king
  3. Uses the latest relevant technologies and designs
  4. Exceptional, distinctive and graphically attractive design and layout
  5. Ease and rapidity of inter-screen and intra-screen viewer mobility
  6. Authenticity
  7. User friendly
  8. Ensures accuracy
  9. Overall consistency
  10. Clean functionalities and features
  11. Mobile-Ready Website
  12. SEO-Friendly Web Design
  13. Interoperability with all major Search Engines
  14. Social Media Integration

Website Development
We have a team of very well-qualified and very experienced website and mobile app developers in the USA and in Nepal who adapt and apply the most advanced technologies and their skill sets in a highly tailored and customized approach to each client and each major project. Whatever your budget, we can develop cost effective and affordable websites for successful presentation of your company on the Internet.

EknoTech also knows how to strengthen existing Website (and mobile app) functioning by redesigning them for improved performance. We also provide custom web graphics, including logo, ad, banner, flyers and splash screen design. We have an infrastructure capable of developing static or dynamic web pages, e-Commerce, e-Government, dynamic informative websites, interactive websites, mobile apps, etc.

Domain registration and Web hosting

Domain Registration
EknoTech offer great domain name registration prices and the best domain name services, giving you unmatched values!

EknoTech provides secure, reliable and flexible windows and Linux hosting services and support for a nominal price.

Please visit www.eknohost.com for Domain registration and webhosting